Covid 19 has hit our industry very badly. In fact public transport industry is one of the worst hit by the pandemic. The top management of each of the public transport body has gone through harrowing times in coughing up with the cash flows to clear salaries and outstanding payments.

Finally a sigh of relief, we are back on track, it is a beautiful sight to see the buses back on the roads with full vigour, the smiling faces of the crew and more so the welcoming smiles of the passengers, would have made all the top management forget the travails they had gone through during the pandemic.

But again, looking at the buses and their condition and their contribution towards environment would raise many questions about our continuance and the need to change the composition of the buses. Alternate fuels have to be adopted and new buses are to be inducted.

Both CNG and electric vehicles are alternatives for the near future and hydrogen-based fuel at a distant future. MoRT&H is giving a huge thrust towards replacing the existing fleet. New schemes floated by MoRT&H gives us all a great hope of recovery and the vision towards revival of glorious bus public transport in India looks so real.

We all should ensure that the bus public transport industry regains its vitality and remains the number one public transport mode even in the near future.

ASRTU will definitely make all efforts to meet its prime objectives i.e to disseminate knowledge, ensure that all the transport bodies will have a platform to share their knowledge and also use the platform to make common representations for furtherance of public transport in India.

ASRTU will also strive to improve the rate contracting system to ensure that the right kind of material at the right price is available to all the public transport bodies in the country. Training activity will be improved to build capacities of all organizations.

Request all the top managements of all public transport bodies to extend their support to ASRTU. Thanking you all