Committees & Members

Committees & Members

Executive Committee

The administration, direction and management of the business or affairs of the association shall be vested in the executive committee who, in addition to the powers and all such powers and do all such acts and things as may be exercised or done by the association in General Body Meeting, but subject nevertheless to the provisions of any statute, law or these articles and to any resolution direction, rules and regulations, from time to time made by the Association, in General Body Meeting, provided that no resolution, direction rule or regulation so passed, given or made shall invalidate any prior act of the Committee which would have been valid if such resolution, rule or regulation had not been passed given or made. In brief Executive Committee functions as the Board for ASRTU. All CEOs of member SRTUS are its members and the President preside over the meetings.

Standing Committee

Standing Committee (Supplies & Contracts)

Major activities of Standing Committee (Supplies & Contracts) is to formulate specification of auto parts and articles of general consumption besides monitoring the quality of items brought on rate contracts (RC) for the benefits of its members by way of having an access to enormous data base on spare parts procured from different vendors and also obtaining feedback on spare parts procured from different vendors from amongst all the undertakings. This committee which functions from the ASRTU office is represented by the chief executives of all member undertakings, Executive Director and Director (Technical) besides three experts each from material management, mechanical engineering and accounts/financial disciplines.

Standing Committee (Technical & Stores)

Standing Committee (Technical & Stores) serves as a forum to discuss issues pertaining to chassis designing, standardization of vehicles and aggregates substances like electrical unit, brakes, gear box, propeller shaft assembly etc. besides suggesting innovations of the bus body designing and delivery of various bus components and material used by the road transport industry in India.

Standing Committee (Financial Management)

Standing Committee (Financial Management) acts as a think tank focusing on the sourcing and prudent utilization of financial resources and suggest appropriate policy measures. Among its areas of concern are various aspects of road transport taxation issues, especially problems relating to provision of the Direct Tax, etc. This committee is represented by financial management experts chosen from the member undertakings.

Standing Committee (Traffic & Transport Policy)

Standing Committee (Traffic & Transport Policy) is dedicated towards bringing about organized servicing nationwide for the smooth operation of 70 undertakings. It suggests various policies and strategies to all the member undertakings to adapt to the changing environment and also suggests solutions to the problems related to scheduling, inter-state operation, safety management, social benefits accrued by STUs, operating in competitive environment.

Standing Committee (Personnel, Welfare & Sports)

Standing Committee (Personnel, Welfare & Sports) committee works on improvement of quality manpower, recruitment, training, development, welfare and the entire gamut of HRD practice. The committee also reviews to increase productivity, better customer approach, value added services in addition to develop sportsman spirit among employees and comprehensive bringing welfare and health related measures to employee and their family members. Inculcate best practices prevailed and adopt by them members. Also look onto personnel and industrial relation, staff norms etc.

Standing Committee (Computerization & MIS)

Standing Committee (Computerization & MIS) the task of this committee is to suggest measures to the member undertakings to keep pace with changing information technology. Presently, the committee is concerned to suggest development of new software applications and appropriate hardware. This committee also provide forum for sharing experience relating to computerization

The list of Chairpersons of different Standing Committees of ASRTU for the years 2024-2026 as nominated during the 54th Annual General Body Meeting of ASRTU held on 15th March, 2024 at New Delhi.

Sh. V.C. Sajjanar, IPS

Chairperson, Standing Committee (Supplies & Contracts) and
Vice Chairman & Managing Director,
Telangana State Road Transport Corporation,
Bus Bhavan, Mushirabad Hyderabad-500620
Telangana, India


Sh. Ashok Sharma, IAS

Chairperson, Standing Committee (Personnel, Welfare & Sports) and
Vice Chairman and Managing Director
Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation
Central Office, Near Ranip Bus Terminal, Ranip
Ahmedabad – 382480


Sh. Rohan C. Thakur, IAS

Chairperson, Standing Committee (Fin. & Asset Management & Non-fare box revenue) and
Managing Director
Himachal Road Transport Corporation
HRTC Head Office,
Shimla - 171003


Ms. Priyanga M., IAS

Chairperson, Standing Committee (MIS & Computerization) and
Managing Director
North Western Karnataka Road Transport Corporation
Central Office, Gokul Road, Hubballi - 580030


Sh. R. Mohan

Chairperson, Standing Committee (Tech. & Stores) and
Managing Director,
State Express Transport Corporation (Tamil Nadu) Ltd.
No.2, Thiruvalluvar House, Pallavansalai
Chennai – 600 002.


Dr. Madhav Kusekar, IAS

Chairperson, Standing Committee (Traffic, Transport Policy & Road Safety) and
Vice-Chairman & Managing Director
Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation
Vahatuk Bhavan, Dr. Anand Rao Nair Marg,
Mumbai Central (E), Mumbai – 300 008.


Ms. Shilpa shinde, IAS

Chairperson, Standing Committee (Alternate Fuels) and
Managing Director
Delhi Transport Corporation
I.P. Estate, New Delhi 110002