The following main activities are carried out in Testing Section

I) Works Inspection
Works inspection of various firms manufacturing facilities required to be carried out for assuring their capability and capacity to manufacture desired quality products following sound production and quality assurance systems, is one of the important functions of the Testing Wing.

Works Inspection is carried-out

  • For all firms who participate in tenders periodically invited for award of contracts
  • Of firms already approved on contract
  • Of new firms registered with ASRTU under VDRS

II) Testing of Products / Materials
Testing of randomly picked up product samples for ensuring their conformity to the specification is one of the important requirements of awarding contracts to firms and for continuing firms on contract. Testing Wing organizes this activity for products/materials of various firms in the following cases:

  • For firms who participate in tenders and not already approved on contract.
  • For firms whose contracts are renewed/awarded subject to fulfillment of certain testing requirements.
  • Under quality monitoring scheme for firms already on contract.
  • For development of new vendors.
  • Random samples are picked-up for testing from the production line of the firms as also from supplies made to the State Transport Undertakings. These samples are got tested at CIRT, Pune.

III) Vendor Development Registration Scheme (VDRS)
Any firm failing to participate in tenders but desirous of entering into contracts with the ASRTU can register itself under the VDRS and have their works inspection and random sample tests etc. for facilitating early processing of their cases as and when they participate in the tenders at a later date. The VDRS comprises of the following steps:

  • Intending vendors to submit applications along with prescribed fees (Rs.5000 + Applicable Taxes) by Demand Draft drawn in favor of Executive Director, ASRTU payable at New Delhi. ASRTU to provide requisite documents and the relevant information to the applications.
  • Intending vendors to submit, duly filled-in ‘works inspection preforma’ etc. (as received from ASRTU) along with the list of items for supply besides other relevant documents and charges asked for.
  • ASRTU to arrange works inspection and picking up of random samples of the products for lab testing.
  • ASRTU to evaluate works inspection reports and the lab test reports for assessing prima-facie capability of the applicant for producing specified quality products.
  • ASRTU then informs member STUs about the firms and the products whose works inspection is satisfactory and random samples passed the prescribed lab tests.
  • ASRTU requests the above STUs for consideration of such successful firms for placement of trial orders.
  • ASRTU considers such firms for award of contracts on their participation in the tenders as and when called for.

IV) Co-ordination
Testing Wing maintains close liaison & interaction with different various committees and organizations, Govt. agencies association etc. for sorting out various technical issues.

  • Co-ordination with and participation in the meeting of the Standing Committee (Technical & Stores) and Sub-Committee on specification for evaluation of new products, technologies practices etc. and to formulate/upgrade the product specifications, testing and evaluation methods and techniques, respectively.
  • All technical and engineering issues are coordinated with the vendors.
  • Besides vendors and internal committees, close interaction with organization like CIRT, Pune; Ministry of Road Transport & Highways; Ministry of Industry; Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources; Ministry of Environment and Forests; Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gases; Central Pollution Control Board; BIS; various Technical Institutes/Universities; Research Associations; Oil & Gas Companies, etc. with respect to engineering & technical issues related to heavy commercial vehicles is maintained.
  • A great deal of interaction is done with various vehicle manufacturers, Automobiles Manufacturers /Associations, Tyre Manufacturers and their Associations, Indian Aluminium Association, Automobile Component Manufacturing Association, Petroleum Conservation and Research Association regarding matters pertaining to Auto engineering.
  • Dissemination of Technical information to STUs, interaction and co-ordination with them on various engineering, technical and vehicle maintenance subjects.