ASRTU conducts various functional activities for the interest of the members as well as the general public. This involves influencing public policy on passenger transport sector, effective liaising with various Central Ministries, Planning Commission and other related offices like Central Board of Secondary Education, Transport Commissioner’s Offices etc., building up of data-bases, dissemination of information, organizing seminars/conferences, conducting /sponsoring HRD programs in the various levels of the management cadres of member undertakings, etc.

Awards to State Transport Undertakings:
ASRTU has instituted several trophies in recognition of best performance and maximum improvement amongst its members in vital areas of conservation of resources – diesel and engine oil, tyre, vehicle productivity, operational cost and road safety. These 15 awards are presented in the Annual Conference of STUs every year:

  1. Transport Ministera’s Road Safety Award of Best Trophy (Mofussil Services)
  2. Transport Ministera’s Road Safety Award of 2nd Best Trophy (Mofussil Services)
  3. Transport Ministera’s Road Safety Award of Best Trophy (City Services)
  4. Transport Ministera’s Road Safety Award of Best Trophy (Hill Services)
  5. Award for Fuel Efficiency Highest KMPL
  6. Award for Fuel Efficiency Maximum Improvement KMPL
  7. Award for Vehicle Productivity – Highest Performance
  8. Award for Vehicle Productivity – Maximum Improvement
  9. Award for Tyre Performance – Highest Tyre Performance
  10. Award for Tyre Performance Maximum Improvement
  11. Award for Performance in Lub Oil Highest KMPL Performance (Mofussil & Hill Services)
  12. Award for Performance in Lub Oil Highest KMPL Performance (City Services)
  13. Award for Minimum Operational Cost (City Service)
  14. Award for Minimum Operational Cost (Mofussil Service)
  15. Award for Minimum Operational Cost (Hill Service)

In addition, ASRTU extends financial and Technical help to National Productivity Council (NPC) for presenting the National Productivity Council awards for best productivity performance awards. Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) also give awards annually to the STUs in the field of fuel efficiency.

Human Resource Development (HRD):
ASRTU has been constantly endeavoring to improve the quality of personnel of the member STUs. To help STUs effectively to adapt the new operating environment and to improve their performance, ASRTU has initiated and organised series of Human Resource Development programs.

Corpus Fund Scheme:
ASRTU has a Corpus Fund scheme for sponsoring Senior Managers of STUs for Foreign Study Tour every year. The scheme is intended to help STU managers to study and gather firsthand knowledge and information about the latest developments in the passenger transport sector across the world. Aiming to encourage potential managers to undertake Study Tours to foreign countries and participating in the International Conferences in the field of operating transport system like bus transport, light rail transit system, electric trolley buses, automobile manufacturing units, besides studying modern integrated buses, body building workshops, ASRTU has devised a scheme under corpus fund for its members to gain recognition and learn lessons from other countries. This would facilitate to play a catalyst role in improving Public Transport System in their state.

Organizing inter-STU visits for the benefit of its members:
ASRTU organises inter units and inter-State visits in order to bridge the widening gap of knowledge, skills and professionalism amongst the well-performing STUs in the changing scenario of stiff competition.

With the objective of encouraging cross fertilization of ideas and dissemination of information regarding innovative practices adopted by STUs, inter-STU visits are organised by the ASRTU for the middle level managers and supervisory staff. These visits provide the participants opportunity to make on the spot study of scheduling, operational strategies, vehicle maintenance, bus station management, computerisation etc.

Driver – Instructor’s Training:
ASRTU and Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA), have jointly designed a refresher training program for the driver trainers of STUs. Some of the STUs have established excellent facilities for drivers training including driving ranges, the method of instructions to the drivers include Audio Visual presentations, live demonstrations, case studies, role plays etc. Such programs help STUs to improve fuel efficiency and reduce road accidents.

Participation and sponsorship of Conferences / Seminars:
With a view to upgrade the bus technology and update vehicle engineering in the present business oriented market where emphasises to be an operational specific strategies, customer and ECO friendly, State of Art Buses – have low floor, power steering, automatic transmission, air suspension, retarders and automatic lubrication system, energy conservation in Urban, Intercity and long distance services, ASRTU co-sponsors and organises conferences and seminars.

To voice its concern as also of its members, ASRTU is represented in the following national committees:

  1. Executive Committee of PCRA
  2. National Road Safety Council
  3. Board of Director in STCs
  4. NPC Awards Committee
  5. Governing Council of State Transport Research & Planning Institute, Lucknow.
  6. Development Council for Auto & Allied Industries
  7. Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Industries.
  8. Mail Subsidy Committee, Ministry of Communication.

ASRTU News Letter:
With the objective of disseminating important information regarding the functioning of member STUs, sharing of useful knowledge and innovative practice amongst the members, ASRTU brings out its quarterly News letter. ASRTU News which helps in projecting the corporate image of not only of ASRTU but also of STUs at large.

Global Link:
In order to equip itself with latest in technology ASRTU has associated itself with international bodies like the International Union of Public Transport (UITP) and American Public Transport Association (APTA). ASRTU has been sending its representatives to participate in its biennial Congress where issues regarding transport industry worldwide are discussed and where inter-change of ideas and experiences amongst representatives of different operators take place. ASRTU has also participates in the international expo of the American Public Transit Association.

Strategic Management Program:
The Association organises a strategic management programme for STUs every year in association with leading management institutions. This course emphasis integration and harmonisation of different stake holders interest and gears the STUs to make action plans in the formulation of strategies and to adapt to the changing environment of privatisation and liberalisation. The message for STUs by organising these Strategic management programme is to impress upon the STUs to review their policies and adapt marketing as a key strategy rather than their operations.

Best Article Award:
The ASRTU also distribute one trophy for the author of the Best Article for the year published in the Indian Journal of Transport Management.

Transport Policy Matters:
The Association prepares various papers on Transport Policy issues on subjects related to Transport Policy matters. The following 11 papers are already prepared and circulated to member undertakings and State/Central Government Departments as a part of dissemination of information :

  1. Strategic options for STUs prepared by Administrative Staff College, Hyderabad.
  2. Integrated approach in Vehicular Pollution Control in Delhi.
  3. Urban Bus Policy for Delhi
  4. London Bus Policy for Delhi
  5. Urban Bus Policy
  6. Urban Transport and Environment
  7. Environment Protection and improvement
  8. Procurement Policies and Procedures in STUs
  9. Model State Road Transport Regulatory Commission Act, 1998
  10. New Integrated Transport Policy in U.K.
  11. National Road Transport Policy