Message of Executive Director, ASRTU

Since Independence, the Public Transport has been the dominate transportation mode in India and among all the available modes, buses have been the most popular and convenient mode of transportation.

As per statistics, more than 1.6 million buses are registered in India, and the State Road Transport Undertakings (STUs) altogether operates 1, 50,000 buses carrying roughly 70 million people per day.

Although, it is not the objective of STUs to make profit but essentially to sustain the service level without any dilution, STUs need to meet at least the operational cost and a reasonable margin to upgrade systems at various levels of their operations.    Moreover, meeting the growing aspirations for mobility is really a big challenge for all of us.

A successful public Bus transport system in a country like India, is not only crucial for addressing the growing levels of congestion & pollution but also for reducing country’s reliance on imported crude oil and ensuring safer commute for all road users.   The STUs, in spite of all the constraints, have been able to meet all the challenges and cater to the growing travel demand in the country.

ASRTU since its inception has been working for its member STUs and making constant efforts to assist them in the policy and stores procurement matters.  ASRTU is a very useful platform to exchange information, share ideas and experiences which help STUs in moving forward towards common goal of improving Public Transport in the country.

ASRTU is playing a crucial role by providing a viable link between the Government, policy makers, Experts and STUs.   Over the years, ASRTU has expanded its activities to ensure that STUs and others associated with Public Road Transport in the country continue to have the information and services they need.

Thank you for taking time to visit our website.  I hope you found something useful or informative.  We, at ASRTU, welcome your feedback and hope you will contact us if you need more information.

With Best Regards,

Executive Director, ASRTU